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How to Install HID in a Honda

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How to Install HID in a Honda

Post  Rav146 on Fri Aug 14, 2009 11:47 pm

Step 1

Remove the factory headlight bulbs. It is often necessary to remove the headlight housing as well to make room to mount the HID ballasts.

Step 2

Replace the factory headlight bulbs with HID replacement bulbs. The replacements should fit just like the factory ones did. If it seems like modifications to the headlight housing might be required, check the bulb size and verify that you have the correct ones.

Step 3

Mount the ballasts. Ballasts should not be mounted where they will be exposed to excessive heat, water or dirt. They should be mounted as close to the headlight as possible, since they get their power from the factory headlight harness.

Step 4

Use a multi-meter to test the polarity of the factory headlight harness. Plug it into the ballast and connect the remaining ballast wires to the HID bulb.

Step 5

Turn the headlights on and test for function. If installed correctly, the HID lights should come on just as the factory bulbs do when the headlights are turned on. If they do not come on, reverse the polarity of the headlight wires and try again. If the lights flicker, check the grounds.


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